Pure Cotton Mens Printed Shirt Indian Lotus Ethnic Elephant, African Tribal Ornament Print by Brand Black Jack

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Our manufacturing staff works with cleanliness for your health, safety and quality standard for our products so our garments are safe and healthy. We are using 100% Giza Cotton fabric for our garments. Your safety is our concern.


Giza cotton is a type of exclusive cotton that’s grown and bring in the Middle East. It is a type of Egyptian cotton and is special in the sense that it’s grown and harvested close to the Nile river, giving it some unique qualities that purely aren’t found elsewhere.

What is Giza Cotton made of?

It is made from the fibrous plant matter around the seeds of the cotton plant (genus Gossypium), it’s identify by its light, woolly and soft texture, which characterizes Giza cotton as well.

Is Giza cotton good for your skin?

Giza is even better as it is lightweight, organic and has a wonderful softness that will keep your skin cool even in the heat. This type of cotton can also be dyed many colors. So while white is a common and popular choice, you can find clothes made of Giza in dozens of other colors. Making it ideal for those who have sensitive skin and allowing them to stay safe and comfortable.

How do you take care of a cotton quilt?

If machine, use the suitable wash cycle. Avoid fabric softeners, as this can dull the finish. Wash in warm or cool water to stop shrinking and fading. Use hot water carefully, as washing cotton in hot water can cause it to contract. Cotton fabrics can be air-dried or machine dried using moderate-to-low heat.

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1. Online Payment

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2. COD (Cash on Delivery)

Cash on Delivery Service available only for Black Jack "APPAREL & CLOTHING" Category in India only.

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For India, we are not allowing payment through Paypal. There are number of other modes of payment (except Paypal) to opt for if you are residing in India.

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