Terms & Conditions

We are making a kind request for our t&c to be followed. Our t&c is mainly classified through below.

Our Products
Our warranty
Approval Period
Delivery Times
Special Request (Designing of your own ring)

Our Products

ü We keep all types of diamonds i.e. 100% Natural Rough Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds, Mossanite Gem Stones, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and All kinds of fine and fashion Jewelry . Thereby, we produce for the highest quality products. In this way, we can definitely guaranteeing for the accurately described products by us. But kindly take this into a note; any second hand products can only have the diamond and gemstone weight estimated by careful calculations.

ü The color & the clarity thereby are only our professional opinion.

ü Our Images may not be true and/or accurate representation of color and/or the size. The camera sometimes gives a slightly variable result than the actual when it comes to capturing accurately. Thereby, we are struggling to capture the same or the exact shade. However, we have employed a photographer and we are trying to improve with our photos.

ü We provide for the “conflict-free-diamonds”. We have ensured for the guarantee from our suppliers as diamonds are “not being involved in funding conflict” & “are in a compliance with United Nations Resolutions”.

ü We are providing for a diamond & gemstone certificate (where stated with some products only). A photocopy (with the product) of the certificate will be sent. But the original certificate will be given only after customer’s confirmation as they are keeping the product.

Our Warranty

In Jewellery, we provide 6 month warranty. And 6 month warranty is totally free by us. We are also giving a free insurance valuation. But warranty will be considered to be void in below states.

For wear and/or tear and/or accidental damages in products
If any alterations have been made elsewhere

Approval Period

ü We are offering 7 day approval period (from the date of purchase). We would be happy in extending this period if the product is bought as a gift. Provided you must have to inform “about gift purchase” at the time of purchase.

ü Any product returned to us (within approval period) must have to be in perfect condition. If the products have been re-sized or engraved (by any means), will be exempted from this approval period.

ü In case; when we would have sized or made a ring to a size (stated by the customer) & if it is incorrect, we will not be bearing for the cost of getting it altered or the return postage or anything.

ü If you need to return the product to us, you are required to contact us (via telephone) to get advised as how to return the product back to us.

Delivery Times

ü The delivery of all ordered products is subjected to stock availability & payment clearance. We take at least half month for manufacturing a piece of jewellery as per your requirements.

ü Finding a set of stones may take some more time.

ü Before commencing our work on any of special orders, we require a deposit.

ü We generally deliver the products within estimated or given timescales. But sometimes delays due to unforeseen factors are occasionally inevitable. Thereby, we are not liable for any delay or failure in delivering the products within estimated time period.

Special Request (Designing of your own ring)

ü We make use of the personal information (related to individuals) just for our internal surveys and/or keeping information. No information, designs or specifications will be shared or made available to the visitors of the website.

ü We have reserved it as the right to utilize any of these designs for our own purposes.