Black Jack is fully fledged equipped with diamonds that are conflict-free. We just don’t entertain anything in regard of conflict diamonds. We follow process by Kimberly in the same. (Kimberly is the organization that tracks the process of diamonds. It is in partnership with UN, governments & other NGOs. It is a useful source for us to prevent the trend of illegal diamonds.)



Black Jack is proud of its diamond suppliers. Our sources are most respected and have goodwill in the market. Because of whom, we can proudly declare for our conflict-free diamond standards. We haven’t found any of our suppliers in trading for conflict diamonds. And we have strict policy, if something found in the same regard; we would be terminating our trade/business with them on an immediate basis and will be ensured in this way.



Term Conflict Free Diamond

Conflict diamonds are sometimes called blood diamonds as well. Conflict diamonds are the diamonds that are traded illegally. As UN defines, Conflict-Diamonds are basically originated by forces or factions & opposed to legitimate & internationally recognized governments. They are used to military actions in opposition to those governments or in contravention of the decisions of the Security Council.



Black Jack follows Kimberly Certification

All the diamonds at Black Jack will be found certified as conflict-free. We keep all the documentation required for warranting of sourced from legitimate suppliers. We emphasize more on the Kimberly process so to feel free in trading for conflict-free diamonds.



Thus, Black Jack is providing for diamonds that are absolutely conflict-free. We follow our highest ethical code of conduct in the same regard. We make sure of everything in order to support for the conflict-free standards. We understand its importance; thereby, taking every step in order to do a healthy and ethically viable business. We constantly are updating our knowledge with our suppliers in order to bring standards of being conflict-free diamond trader as a whole.