What is Natural Rough Diamond?


The Very Difficult & Durable Material is referred to as the Natural Rough Diamond.

  • It gets for the Amazing Brilliance.
  • It appears to be sparkled.


It Contains Carbon

Element Carbon is found inside it. So there will be Carbon in its Pure Form in the Core of Natural Rough Diamond. Rough Diamond is having the Meta Stable Allotrope of the Carbon. In this Allotrope, the Carbon Atoms are arranged in the Face Centred Cubic Crystal Structure Variation. And overall this Structure is widely known as the Natural Rough Diamond Lattice.


Compare to Graphite

However, the Natural Rough Diamond seems to be lesser stable compare to that of the Graphite. (Graphite also gets the Allotrope of Carbon Structure)


Optical Distribution

Natural Rough Diamond is known as a Gemstone because of having for the Higher Optical Distribution. It gets for the ability to distribute for the Light of Different Colours in a way.


Impurities & Colour Specifics

It also gets for the Greatest & Stiff Lattice. Thereby, the Impurities (like Boron or Nitrogen) inside are very low. This Small Amount of Impurities is reason for its Colour. The impurities are accountable as 1 Per Million of the Lattice Atoms.

  • Boron makes it appears as blue.
  • Nitrogen makes it appears as yellow.
  • Lattice Effects makes it appears as Brown.
  • Radiation Exposure makes it appears as Green.



Back in 800 BC the Natural Rough Diamond was found in India. It was holding for the Holy Power Attributes. Even there was a belief not to alter it as altering would lessen its strength. So it was worn by people just in its original appearance. Likewise, the Powerful Energy was preserved in the Ancient Era.


Royal Use

Sometimes it is Transparent and at the same time being flawless as well. Thus, Natural Rough Diamonds are much Precious Stone. They are in fact so unusual to be found in the oldest time so only Royals used to own them.





How does Natural Rough Diamond Formed inside Earth?


It took almost Billions of Years in order for the Formation of the Natural Rough Diamonds.


The Process

It was thus a result of the Intense Heat & the Pressure. Due to Volcanic Eruption, Natural Rough Diamond Bearing Ore was brought to the Surface of the Earth. Times later when Magma was being cooled off it was converted into the Blue Ground, pretty much known as Kimberlite. This is the Place where in the date as well most of the Precious Natural Rough Diamonds are found.


Required Temperature & Pressure

Carbon gets crystallized because of the Exposure into High Temperature & Pressure, It than forms for the Natural Rough Diamond.

  • The Temperature has to be around 900 to 1300 °C.
  • The Pressure has to be around 45 to 60 Kilo Bars.


Age of the Natural Rough Diamond

It was formed way back before the Dinosaurs Era on the earth. Thereby each & Every Natural Rough Diamond is Very Much Old.

  • The Age of the Oldest Natural Rough Diamond is 3.2 Billion Years.
  • The Age of the Youngest Natural Diamond is 900 Million Years.


How it became Inventive Rock

It is formed at the Depths of around 140 to 190 Kilometres of the Earth under the lot of Pressure & Temperature. It sourced the Carbon from the Carbon Containing Minerals. It takes around 1 to 3.3 Billion Years (which is 25 to 75% of the Earth Age) for the Growth of the Natural Rough Diamonds. Due to a Deep Volcanic Eruption it came onto the Surface of the Earth. Afterwards it cooled down into the Inventive Rock, now known as Kimberlitic & Lamproites.





Physical & Chemical Properties of the Natural Rough Diamond


Compare to Any other Bulk Material, the Natural Rough Diamond gets for the biggest Hardness & Thermal Conductivity.


The Hardness & the Purity

The Hardness Number of the Natural Rough Diamond is 10 Mohs. The Pure Form of the Carbon is the Natural Rough Diamond as a whole. The Carbon Atoms in the Natural Rough Diamond are typically found in Octahedral Lattice & Covalent Bond. Because of their Hardness, the Faces of the Natural Rough Diamond Octahedrons are mostly shiny.



Mostly it is available in No Colour or in Yellow or in Brown. The Colours like Pink or Blue or Green or Gray or Orange or Red are pretty rare. However, the Natural Rough Diamonds occurred to have different colours as below.

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Yellow
  • Gray
  • White
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Red

The Colourful Natural Rough Diamonds are having below things.

  • Crystallographic
  • Substitution of Impurities
  • Structural Defects (that is responsible for Specific Colour)

The Transparent or Colourless Natural Rough Diamonds are referred as Pure. Scientifically speaking; with respect to the Present Nature of Defect & its effect to the Light Absorption, it gets for 2 Main Types & Several other Sub Types.


Crystal Shape

  • Octahedral
  • Cubo Octahedral
  • Spherical
  • Cubic


Specific Gravity

  • 516 to 3.525


Refractive Index

  • -2.417



  • It Burns above the 700 °C in the Air



Thermal Conductivity

It gets for the 22 W/ (Cm * K) Thermal Conductivity which is almost 5 times higher than that of Copper.




What are the usages of Rough Natural Rough Diamonds?


  • So it is being a Gift by the Nature. Thereby, it resembles to the Sign of the Fortune or the Wealth from the long time. It is used in making for Precious Jewellery in this way.


  • Mostly due to the Originating from the Strong Covalent Bonding type between its Atoms, It gets for the Outstanding Physical Qualities. Because of these Properties it is used in the Industrial Application for Cutting & Polishing the Tools.


  • The Scientific Applications are Knives & Anvils of Cells.


What are the Blood Natural Rough Diamonds?


Mostly in the War Zone like Angola, Sierra, Central & Western Africa, the Blood Natural Rough Diamonds are being mined.


Illegal Thing

Sometimes the Natural Rough Diamonds are traded illegally in order to do below.

  • To Fund Conflict in War Torn
  • Sold to Finance
    • An Insurgency
    • An Invading Army’s War Efforts
    • Warlord’s Activity



The Terms

“Blood Natural Rough Diamond” is the Term Highlighted to pin point the Negative Consequences of the Natural Rough Diamond Trade in Certain Areas. As a reason of that, sometimes it is also known as below.

  • Conflict Diamonds
  • Converted Diamonds
  • Hot Diamonds
  • War Diamonds



UN Definition

UN (United Nations) has had defined it specifically as below.

  • It originates from Areas Controlled by Forces or Factions opposed to the Legitimate & Internationally Recognized Governments.
  • It is used to Fund the Military Action in Opposition to those Governments or in Contravention of the Decisions of the Security Council.



Past Conflict

There was a Severe & Brutal Conflict occurred in Sierra Leone in the Late 1990s. That was the time, when it took everyone’s attention for the 1st time. Conflict Natural Rough Diamonds are being used in order for Human Rights Abuses & Fuel Violent Conflict. They have also been used to Fund for Brutal Wars in below.

  • Liberia
  • Sierra Leone
  • Democratic Republic of Congo & Cote D”Ivoire

As a result, Millions of People were Displaced & Dead. The Terrorist Groups like Al-Qaeda are also using it to Finance Money Laundering Purposes & their Activities.



As an Action

Out of above, the International Pressure from Global Witness was raised. Other Organizations as well contributed their Crucial Efforts in order to Take Action. The Governments & the Natural Rough Diamond Industry were forced to take necessary steps for eliminating the Conflict Rough Diamonds from the Worldwide Trade.





Conflict Free Natural Rough Diamond



Term Conflict Free Diamond

  • Conflict Diamonds are also referred to as “Blood Diamonds” sometimes. Conflict Diamonds are usually the Diamonds traded on an illegal Basis.
  • UN has defined the Term as below.
    • Conflict Diamonds are Basically Originates by the Forces or Fractions & Opposed to Legitimate & Internationally Recognized Governments.
    • Conflict Diamonds are used to Military Actions in Opposition to those Governments or in Contravention of the Decisions of the Security Council.



Certification Scheme

The International Natural Rough Diamond Certification Scheme was been established in the year of 2003.

  • This Scheme is also known as KP (Kimberley Process).
  • It was established for the Conflict Free Diamonds.
  • It took several years of Campaigning to have this scheme produced.
  • The Scheme was a total outcome of the Negotiation between the below.
    • Natural Rough Diamond Producing Countries
    • Natural Rough Diamond Trading Countries
    • Natural Rough Diamond Industry
    • Civil Society


There were number of Problems with scheme as below.

  • Narrow Definition of Conflict
  • Failure to Address Major Issues like
    • Violence in Zimbabwe’s Marange Area
    • Undermined the Kimberley Process Credibility & Effectiveness



After 11 years as well, The Major Loopholes & Flaws of the scheme weren’t addressed properly.

  • The NGO have rendered their Intensive efforts but failed.
  • Many of the Member Governments of the Scheme took little interest in reforming it.
  • Officially on December 5, 2011 the Scheme was departure from the KP (Kimberley Process).

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At Black Jack

We are only trading for the Conflict Free Diamonds. We don’t want to entertain anything near to that of Conflict Diamonds. We are following a full process described by Kimberly. The Kimberly is the Organization widely known for tracking the process of Diamonds. It is partnered with UN, Governments & other NGOs. It is being very much useful kind of source for us in order to prevent for the Trend of illegal Diamonds.



We are Proud

We take pride because of our Diamond Suppliers. We have most respected Sources around the Globe. Our Sources are having Huge Goodwill in the date in the Market. They are the reasons why we take pride in declaring for our Conflict Free Diamond Standards. We are Pretty Much Sure of our Suppliers not trading in to the Conflict Diamonds. Out of everything, We run our business with a Strict Policy as if Found anything weird, Our Trade/Business with them will be terminated straightaway on an Immediate Basis. So we are ensured in this way.








Kimberley Process Certificate Scheme


The Pretty Much Well Known Effort into Regulating for the Diamond Trade is the Kimberly Process.


Review Meeting

The Kimberley Process Review Meeting was conducted in the Month of November 2007 in the Brussels, Belgium. The below world-entities were present there.

  • 74 Nations
  • Non Government Organizations
  • Global Witness
  • Partnership Africa Canada
  • The World Diamond Council

On Several Important Measures they all concluded with One Agreement which is designed in order to strengthen the Kimberley Process.



At Black Jack

We follow the Kimberley Certification. Certified As Conflict Free Diamonds only will be found at Black Jack. In order to warranting of Sourced from the Genuine Suppliers, we possess all kinds of Documentation. Our main focus is to follow Kimberley Process. Thereby we can absolutely be free from Hurdle in trading Conflict Free Diamonds.



Black Jack, a Conflict Free Diamonds Trader

In this way, Diamonds at Black Jack are entirely Conflict Free. For the same, we are following our upmost Ethical Code of Conduct. We highly support the Conflict Free Standards only for which we always take care of everything. We always want to do some sort of Healthy & Ethically Viable Business. Therefore, we understand the Importance of making sure of the Conflict Free Diamonds. Our step by step process is proven rightful for the same.

Even in order to be updated of the Standards for Conflict Free Diamonds, we keep our knowledge up to date after being in touch with our Suppliers on a regular basis.




Since 2009, On an Average of 75 Countries has adopted KPCS (Kimberley Process Certification Scheme). Thus, KP is being a System to Control the Export & Import of Rough Diamonds.


About the Scheme

As per that, before Stone being cut or Polished is kept into a Tamper Resistant Container with a Certificate of Origin. After which the Shipment of Rough Diamonds are done. And for the Diamond’s Journey to Market, the Certificate Confirming the KP Process & describing for the Contents of Shipments are kept with Rough Diamonds inside. If any Country would disagree to Participate will be immediately blacklisted from the International Diamond Trade.



The Unique Effort

It is an Endeavour towards those people who deal with Conflict Diamonds. They defined Conflict Diamonds as Diamonds in order to fund for the Rebel Movements. Sadly, the “Conflict Free” Certification in this way is given to the diamonds which are tainted by below.

  • Violence
  • Child Labour
  • Extreme Poverty
  • Worker Exploitation
  • Environmental Harm



Black Jack Rough Natural Diamonds


List of Countries

The below is the list of biggest Rough Natural Diamonds Mining Countries.

  • Republic of Congo
  • Angola
  • Ghana
  • Sierra Leon
  • Tanzania
  • Other Parts of Africa
  • Russia
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Australia

We (at Black Jack) do import the Rough Natural Diamonds straightaway from the countries like shown in above.



We keep below as the Quality in our Earth Mined Diamonds.

  • Opaque
  • Translucent
  • Transparent Clarity
  • Varied Range of Colour Spectrum



We have a separate category as “Rough Diamonds”. You can surf on that & opt for the Awesome Rough Diamonds all the way.




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  • Necklace
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  • Bracelets
  • Pendants
  • Rings
  • Belt Purse
  • House Hold Decorative Items
  • Ornaments


Purpose Specifics

As it is being Millions of years Old, few Religious people prefer Natural Rough Diamond for below.

  • Peace
  • Welfare
  • Prosperity
  • Enjoyment


Drilling Info

Natural Rough Diamonds are drilled with a Hole Size ranging from 0.200mm to 3.00mm at Black Jack. We also drilled with respect to the requirements of the client.


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