Introduction with Platinum



A Well Known Precious Metal is Platinum.

  • It is written as “PT” in the Chemistry.
  • It has an Atomic Number of 78.
  • The Name of the Metal is derived from the Word “Platina” from the Spanish Language. It means Little Silver.
  • There is Silvery White Lustre inside this Metal. It is responsible for Amazing Beautifulness. With Variety of Stones & Metals, this Silvery White Lustre can be blended awesomely.
  • More amount of Platinum will be found on Moon & in Meteorites.



  • A rarest Element found on Earth Crust, Platinum is costlier compare to Gold.
  • Its strength is 4 times higher than that of Gold.
  • The Natural White Elegance of Platinum won’t be ever faded away.
  • Its Brilliance & Sparkles are just like Diamond.
  • It is very well known in terms of being resistant to Damage & Wear.
  • It doesn’t Bend or Dent or Scratch easily.


The Platinum is Mostly Uncreative, Thicker, Pliable, Malleable, Invaluable Greyish White Metal.


For Fine Jewellery

The Fine Jewellery can be made out of this rarest element. For that you should know that compare to Gold it is more Durable & Heavier. In this way, it lasts for long that makes it even more Ideal Metal to own.



  • It was being mined in the Country of South Africa & Russia.
  • Around more than 3000 years ago, it was first been applied into Ancient Egyptian Decorations.
  • Mainly it is preferred more because of Durability & Strength.
  • It was used into Decorating Artefacts by The South American Indians.
  • Again the proper value of this Treasured & Invaluable Metal was recognized during 1800s.
  • Respectively in today, it is been referred as the Premium Choice for the Jewellery.



For the Jewellery like Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands Platinum is widely popular. It is because it resembles to the ultimate symbol of Everlasting Love. It is more thinker thereby its strength is 4 times higher than that of White Gold. It’s one of the Application is into Medicine as a Cure for Cancer.


The Health Perspectives of Platinum are totally depending on types of Bonds as how they are shaped or what their exposure level is.



Purity of Platinum



Because of being Invaluably Purest Metal of the time, it has now regarded as Luxurious & Durable Metal. It can be made more Malleable after being mixed with other Metals. Mostly in the date below Alloys are paired with Platinum.

  • Copper
  • Palladium
  • Rhodium
  • Iridium
  • Titanium


Few Notes

  • Few Jewellers are billing Some Alloys as Platinum. However, after knowledge of its “Stringent Requirements”, you will get to know if that is “Pure” Platinum Piece or not.
  • High Grade Platinum can be identified with the Purity Designation of 950 or 900.
  • Sometimes Jewellery does contain the Lower Ratio of the Alloys. However, these Pieces don’t carry for the High Quality Standards or the Elegance or the Durability.
  • Only Pure Platinum can be used to design the Outstanding & Remarkable Jewellery Pieces.


Harmless to Skin

It is 30 times more rare compare to Gold. It becomes Natural Hypoallergenic because of its Purity. It is well suited for people who have Sensitive Skin Issues.


Physical & Chemical Properties of Platinum



As Said it is mostly Silvery White, Ductile & Malleable Metal. It gets for the 3rd Highest of the Density. It can be resolved in below.

  • Hot Aqua Regia
  • Hot Concentrated Phosphoric & Sulphuric Acids


Not Affected by Anything

  • Water or Air doesn’t affect it.
  • Just like Gold, Corrosion or Tarnishing are unlikely to happen.
  • No process of Oxidization will ever affect it even in Heated Segment.


Density & Durability

  • It is pretty much Durable Metal. It is Dense as well so any Diamond or Precious Gemstone can be setup securely with Platinum.
  • No Re-Plating would be required because of it being the Natural White Metal.
  • It just carries its beautifulness all along in this way.
  • Most of the Platinum used in Today’s Jewellery is mined from Russia. Just like Diamond Industry it contains the Minded Amount.
  • Mostly Platinum is used in Making for Elegant Jewellery. However, it is also used in other Industries such as Automotive & Medical.


We (at Black Jack) make use of Platinum Prongs in order to setup for the Loose Diamonds after which we craft for Beautifully Amazing Platinum Rings.


How to Maintain the Metal Lustre of Platinum

So simple it is.

  • Make a Mild Solution of Warm Soapy Water.
  • Soak Platinum into this Solution.
  • With a Soft Bristled Brush, scrub it in a kindlier manner.
  • Afterwards, use Clean Water to Wash it.



Care & Maintenance of Platinum Jewellery



  • Clean the Platinum Jewellery at a Regular Interval of time. In this way, the beautifulness can be maintained for long.
  • Even you can apply the same methods of Cleaning as described in Gold.
  • Use Non Abrasive Jewellery Cleaner and with a Soft Cloth Rub the Surface in a kindlier manner.
  • Take your Jewellery to the Professional Jewellery Cleaner after 2-3 Months on regular basis.
    • Get it Cleaned up.
    • Get it checked up for any Scratches on the Surface or so.
    • Get it Polished for a Store Pieces separately & put in the Chamois Bag in order to make it Scratch-free from other items.
  • Also you can clean it the way you clean other Jewellery Elements in order to make it long lasting.
  • Use below Solution or buy Jewellery Cleaning Solution
    • Make a Solution of Soap & Warm Water
    • With Soft Cloth rub it for a while in a kindlier manner
  • Always keep it Shinier else it would be caught up by Matte Patina by the time.
  • In case if you are not wearing it, make a practice to store in either of below.
    • Its Own Cloth Bag
    • Sealable Plastic Bag
    • Lined Box to keep it away from the Contact of other Pieces (else it would get for Scratches)
  • Metals usually are aged by the Daily Wear. Platinum gets for its Rich Finishing called Patina in this way. People love to own a Patina Look normally. However, in the end it comes up to you in order to maintain & polish the Platinum Jewellery for shining better. A Qualified Jeweller does that effortlessly.
  • At any point, you can reach us in order to have the knowledge regarding making it look fresh & new.


We perform all Adjustments, Resizing, Polishing & Cleaning of the Jewellery.