What is Moissanite?


Diamonds are made up with Only Pure Carbon.

On the other hand, Moissanite can be classified as the Material Similar to the Diamond.

This Material Contains the Si Impurities (Contains for both Silicon & Carbon). Thereby, Moissanite inherits most of its properties from the Diamonds.


The Physical & Chemical Properties of Moissanite & Diamonds are mostly similar.

Both are having Carbon in. But Moissanite is getting for Silicon as well so it is called as Silicon Carbide. Moissanite seems to be very rare. It is widely used today in making for Jewellery Products.


Chemically it is written as SiC.



It was discovered in the Previous Century Only.

So eventually it has become the Intense Interest ever since afterwards.

Put the Moissanite in the Bright Light & you will be seeing it sparkling all the way. It sounds so much amazing while experiencing it live. It shines the Beauty of Jewellery in anyways.

However, the Cost of Moissanite is less to that of the Natural Diamonds or Other Gemstones.




What is Black Moissanite?

  • The New thing in it is its Elegant & Dark Z Black Appearance.
  • It is Silicon Carbide (Just as the Simple Moissanite).
  • It is much similar to Natural Black Diamond.
  • It gets the Rich Contamination of Carbon & Opaque Clarity.


Black Moissanite Vs Natural Black Diamond

  1. Black Moissanite & Natural Black Diamond both are made of Carbon. Natural Diamond gets for the Pure Carbon. Black Moissanite has both Carbon & Silicon (Thereby it is Silicon Carbide).
  2. Black Moissanite Sparkles More compare to the Natural Black Diamond.
  3. If we keep the Thermal Higher Electrical Conductivity of Both Similar, than again Black Moissanite would weight 10% less than the Natural Black Diamonds.
  4. Even Cost Wise, Synthetic Black Moissanite are comparatively low. Natural Black Diamonds are much Costlier in order to be used as Anvils.
  5. Natural Black Diamonds are available in both Higher & Lower Grades. There won’t be any Blemishes found on the Surface of the Higher Grade Material. On the Contrary, Blemishes will be more on the Surface of the Lower Grade Materials. However, there will be no Blemishes of any Kind on the Surface of the Black Moissanite. Meaning thereby, Black Moissanite gets for the Finest Quality & Beautiful Brilliance all the way.



We will show you the comparison of both with respect to below features.

  1. Clarity
  2. Cut
  3. Color
  4. Shape
  5. Hardness
  6. Price
  7. Weight




  • Both are getting for the Mysteriously Obscure Clarity.
  • You won’t be finding any sort of imperfection inside of the Crystal.
  • On the Outside only, there can be Blemishes in order for defining the Level of the Clarity.
  • Natural Diamonds are getting Blemishes as below on the Surfaces.
    • Crack
    • Pitches
    • Scratches
  • Moissanite however, doesn’t have any sort of Blemishes on the Surface.
    • In a way it reflects the perfect & beautiful Quality as a whole on the ground of the Clarity.




3 Types of Cuts are widely known.

  • Ideal
  • Shallow
  • Deep

As both gets for the Opaque Clarity, 3 Types of above Cuts wouldn’t ever be affecting the Sparkle or Brilliance of any of them. But the level of Beautifulness can certainly be identified by the Cuts. The Black Moissanite with the Ideal Cut renders for the Elegant Appearance. Shallow & Deep Cut doesn’t have any impressive look or the Beauty.




  • You will be rarely finding the Black Color in Natural Black Diamond.
  • However, there is this Color Enhancing Technology widely used all over the world through which the Black Color Natural Diamond is converted in Z-Black. (Only Black Color Enhancing Diamonds have the Current trend & Natural Black Color Diamonds are out of the trend in the Diamond Industry).
  • On the other hand, the Moissanite Material is absolutely grown Z-Black in Lab.




Shapes in both of them are clearly much different. The Quality of each of the Shapes is defined by their individual Characteristics. We have classified some of the Shapes for you in order to help you recognize the Beauty of the both. Our Gems Consultant is all available for you in order to find what suits you perfect. For that, get in touch with our Consultant straightaway.


Some of the Shapes are Round, Princess, Radiant & Marquise. After getting the shape, the Black Moissanite Form is easily identified. The Attributes of All of the Black Moissanite Shapes are different. The Beauty however, will leave you an impression of surprised beautifulness. We have Round, Princess & All Kinds of Fancy Shapes available.


We (Black Jack) are having High Qualitative Standards in terms of Black Moissanite Shapes. Our Collection of Traditional Shapes includes for the Round & Princess. Along with that, we are also getting you the Perfect Non-Round & Princess with respect to the Fancy Black Moissanite.


The Black Moissanites (by Black Jack) are Graded & Certified by Cuts as below.

  • Emerald Cut
  • Asscher Cut
  • Marquise Cut
  • Oval Cut
  • Radiant Cut
  • Pear Cut
  • Heart Cut
  • Cushion Cut









  • Black Moissanites are appeared to be harder compare to that of the Natural Black Diamond.
  • Considering the Mohs Scale of Hardness, the hardness of the Black Moissanite is around 9.25.
  • Compare to any Gemstone and we can see it is apparently much higher. However, Natural Black Diamond seems even harder than Black Moissanite. It has the 10 Mohs of Hardness so.






Black Moissanite (at Black Jack) are tagged with 10 times less price than the Natural Black Diamond.

  • Let us explore you with an example.
    • Say the Cost of the Natural Black Diamond is 100 USD per Carat.
    • The Black Moissanite (at Black Jack) will be seen with a price tag of 10 USD per Carat.
    • We just don’t compromise on Quality despite of the offered lesser price.




The Black Moissanite Weights for 10 times less compare to the weight of the Natural Black Diamond.

  • As an Example
    • If the 6.50 mm Natural Black Diamond has a weight of 1.00 Carat, the Same Sized Black Moissanite will be weighted with 0.90 Carat.
    • The only reason is being the lesser Density of the Black Moissanite.